ALERT BBS(Lions Club Area 332-C)

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About Lions Club ALERT Program

ALERT BBS is run by Lions Club DD 332-C where 2011 3.11 Earthquake and Tunami hit.
This ALERT BBS is made in compliance with the Lions Alert Program.

A Level One emergency affects a few people. As a local emergency, a local response is needed. A house fire or localized flood may be an example of a Level One emergency. A single Lions club may provide the affected people with assistance and supplies such as drinking water, food, shelter, or clothing.

A Level Two emergency affects a larger geographical area. A tornado, hurricane/cyclone, or mudslide may be an example of a Level Two emergency. A coordinated district response may be necessary for a Level Two emergency. At this level, governments and other relief agencies may become involved in relief efforts, as first responders. Districts may be eligible to request a Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) Emergency Grant.

A Level Three emergency affects hundreds or thousands of people. A multiple district or several multiple districts can provide aid for victims of a catastrophic event such as a tsunami or an earthquake. Governments and other relief organizations such as the International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies would be among the first responders to the disaster and Lions could work alongside these and other relief agencies to provide humanitarian aid to Level Three victims.


This BBS is run by Lions Club International DD 332-C cabinet, in compliance with Lions club Alert Program.

Requested Assistance List

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Assistance Offered List

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Report from the Disastered Area

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